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JEN HEH · National Defense Technology Industry Accreditation Qualified Manufacturers

JEN HEH Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985. At the initial stage, it mainly produces high-precision parts. Later, in view of the importance of market demand and material quality, it immediately purchased plant expansion equipment, introduced the best design and manufacturing technology, and integrated advanced automatic production equipment to produce high-quality metal processing products. Over the years, Zhenhe precision machine has a good sales performance and good reputation abroad. Since its establishment, Zhenhe precision machine has always adhered to the concept of
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Quality assurance /Make-to-order production/Support customization

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  • Strong production

  • Drilling R & D

  • Heavy quality

  • Fine service


03-3252400 ext.21 Stella Pan

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Workmanship · Technological process

Strictly control quality from raw material incoming to shipment finishing.

  • Fine selection of incoming materials

  • Make-to-order production

  • Strict debugging

  • Go over

  • Skilled packing

  • Arrange packing

  • Ex factory delivery

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We're part of your team! We're specialized in metal parts production and processing , include new product developments, metal processings, we can do OEM and ODM products for you. We have the complete production line, include lathing, milling, grinding. Precision machining include cutting , punching, bending, CNC, welding and other processes. Let us help you to develop varied machinery parts from beginning to finishing. We are your best One Stop Shop supplier.